Bridge Deck Waterproofing & Coatings

All bridges require a waterproofing system to protect the structural elements.  Our Company specializes in many waterproofing systems with the most popular being the hot rubberized asphalt method. ...Read More

Railway Bridge Deck Waterproofing & Coatings

Concrete and steel railway structures often require a waterproofing system to last its design life.  We are approved for all waterproofing systems specified by Canadian Pacific Railways, Canadian National Railways and Toronto Transit Commision...Read More



Bridge Tite specializes in control cutting of concrete roads, airport runways and parking slabs.  we continue the process through the widening of the control joint to proper reservoir size to the application of sealant...Read more

Flexible Joint System

Bridge Tite Group are recognized applicators of the Deery Flexible Bridge Joint System. The system can be  used on exposed concrete or ashpalt overlaid bridge decks. It is designed to replace existing small movement expansion devices or as a first installation small movement joint...Read more